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About us

Andy Prototypes provides 3&4-axis CNC Milling and Turning service, from one-off sample to high volume production runs.We aim to make high quality parts at a reasonable price. Part size ranges from 1x1mm to 1000x800mm.

Although we are not limited to certain industries, we have rich experience in machining parts for Drones and Robotics and Motorsports aftermarket areas.

We can provide materials certifications and dimension reports upon request.

Materials: Aluminum, Brass,Magnesium,Stainless Steel,Titanium


          Invar,Kovar,Carbon fibers

Surface finish:Anodizing Type II,Hard anodizing

            Electroplating,Gold plating, PVD plating

             Passivation,Black oxide,Sandblasting

            Powercoating,Laser marking,Silkprinting

To work with us is quite easy. You can send cad files to Andy@AndyRapid.com for quick quote. Cad files should be step or iges or sldprt formats. Dwg or dxf or pdf formats are needed for tapping and tolerance reference. Also please specify quantity and surface finish.

Parts are made in China and shipped worldwide by FedEx/DHL. Just 2-3 days for US/Canada customers, 3-5 days for Europe/Australia clients.